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The pricing on our website has been keep extremely low to assist everyone to post a Job or Course. To keep costs low we do no provide any phone support for our site. All support is via email only.

Listing compliance:

  • Job Listings must be a specific position, in a unique location for that position and it is not permitted to use generic advertising  for the purposes of recruiting candidates to register with recruitment company.
  • Generic listings will be removed and will not be refunded.
  • Only one (1) Job or Course is permitted per listing. Multiple course dates are permitted so long as they relate to the same course.
  • Jobs listed by Physiosure.com customers must be specific to the insureds practice
  • Podcast and/or educational Video Streaming (nor any advertising or any other advertising deemed by us to a form of marketing designed to aggregate or trawl for memberships to a third party site) is NOT permitted. Such postings will be removed. This includes FREE offers that only commence after completing a personal details or email form.
  • If you are worried whether your listing meets with out Terms and Conditions you can read the T&C's Here 

From time to time we may reduce those rates to countries that have no way of paying for an advertisement.

For Recruiters: There are NO free trials. We are a tried and tested service.

For Agencies: There are NO account services and no referral fees.

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How do I keep a presence on the homepage for a bit longer?

We realise that the success of our website means that a job or course listing that appears on the homepage on day one might be on page 3 or 4 a few days later. But don't worry about that as we have added several listing feature options that you can choose to display it on the homepage for a week or even a month. See the featured listings column on the right hand side of the homepage.


Homepage Feature

Listing appears on the featured section (right hand column) on the homepage and all non-country specific search results.

  • £5.95 for a week
  • £12.95 for a month

Country Specific Display Feature

Listing appears for all Country specific page views/search results. e.g. when searching/filtering to view all UK jobs, or all Australian jobs

  • £5.95 for a week
  • £12.95 for a month

Newsletter Feature

Listing appears as a featured listing included in our weekly eJobs newsletter (in the featured right hand column). See an example here: eJobs Example

  • £5.95 for a week
  • £12.95 for a month

Job Seekers Feature

Listing appears on all three of our Speech Therapists Looking for Work homepage, country-specific candidate search results and individual candidate details views.

  • £5.95 for a week
  • £12.95 for a month


Job Alert

Job Alerts send an immediate email notification about this listing to all matching candidates listed on our Speech Therapists looking for work page. We only show this option if you have matches. This provides an even faster, more immediate way to promote your listing.

  • £5.95 for a one off send

Bump Me Option

If you choose a listing bump we will automatically bump your listing back to the top of the homepage after 7, 14 & 21 days.

It's like renewing 3 times but your ad will still expire 60 days from listing. Bumping maximises your exposure over the 60 days and costs much less than the equivalent renewals.

  • A Bump option costs £9.95


Payments must be made via the website using a credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or via PayPal. We do not take American Express or Diners Club cards.

We do not provide any invoicing options. The price is kept low such that anyone can pay for their listing and claim it back from their parent organisation. Our listing form asks you for a receipt email to which an immediate receipt of payment will be sent from our payment gateway (SagePay). So please look out for it!


All listings remain on the site for 2 Months (60 days) from the date of payment.

You can deactivate or temporarily suspend a listing from your unique listing history page. A link to that page is sent with your confirmation of listing emai. You can also request a copy of that email using the 'Edit your Job or Course' button on the main navigation bar.

You will receive 2 reminder emails before your listing is automatically removed from the website. One at 55 days and another at 59 days. Those emails will also provide a renewal link should you wish to renew.

Early Renewal is also possible and all listing confirmation emails contain a link to renew at anytime. Just follow the link to you listing history page where you can edit, add features, bump back to the homepage, renew, rerun, suspend listings, get a copy of your payment receipt as well as several other listing related options.

MEMBERSHIP - Required to contact candidates on our looking for work section

Our website also provides a facility for making direct contact with candidates on our candidates looking for work pages. This is done by completing an online membership form which sends the details directly to a potential candidate. We do not vet the profiles of all the candidates on our website. We have had over 4,500 registrations from many different countries and it is to difficult for us to cross-reference each and every individual. Therefore it is important to any potential employer to carefully vet and check the resumes of any applicant applying for a position.

Important Note: The use of the candidates looking for work section is solely for offering candidates potential employment. It is therefore not permitted to use this section to suggest to candidates that they register on other sites. This is an annoyance to the candidates and any member seen doing this will be banned without any refund on their membership fee.

Once contacted the candidate can then do two things: 1. Click a link which sends you a quick notification that they have received and are reading your email, and 2. If they are interested they can email you back directly to your email address that is contained in the information sent to them.

There is a small annual fee for this membership facility. Membership ranges from £49.95 - £99.95 plus applicable taxes per year. The only way to pay for membership is view the website link here: Membership

Membership is linked to a unique email address.

Should you find a candidate using this membership facility there are no additional fees or charges what-so-ever.

You can also login into your membership section to see a history of who you've contacted, when, make notes on them and also 'star' the ones you like for future reference.


For recruitment agencies who list regularly and wish to purchase monthly, 6 monthly or yearly packages they can do so via The Physio Shop. Click here: https://www.physioshop.co.uk/physiobobs-jobs-packages/bobs-speech-language-therapy-website/ for the link to those products and their descriptions.

The Physio Shop does provide a checkout payment option called 'Proforma Invoice/Quotation). For companies wanting to be invoiced for a listing package you should checkout using that method. All BACS and other payment details will be attached to the invoice.

  • No packages will commence until payment is received
  • No renewals will commence until payment is received
  • Listing is capped to a maximum of 8 per day (24hr period)
  • The capped limit is set per company and not per recruitment consultant on your package


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