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Our Community - eMarketing

As many of you know Physiobase® started in a small West End London apartment in 1996. Since that time we've grown into the largest global online physiotherapy community. Bob's Speech Jobs is our newer recruitment platform for Speech & Language Therapy employers and potential candidates to interact.

As our community is an online network, our members comprise of a group of people who use the internet. This is in contrast to localised offline membership organisations/associations which have groups of people, not necessarily internet users. This makes our group comparatively larger when comparing the value of email marketing.

eMarketing - some information...

Our eMarketing service is an opt-in/op-out service that delivers quality direct email marketing to those on our eMarketing database.

This email list currently contains several thousand clean, valid and current addresses. We filter for all duplicates, bounced and bad addresses and maintain a strict remove policy. Our list is cleaned of defunct email addresses during each mailing.

During a direct marketing campaign we can filter our list by country, gender, special interests etc.

Average email delivery rates remain in the 98-99% range.

Email opening rates range from an average of about 16% up to as high as 60% depending on the subject line and what's on offer. In summary we can get your product or service under the gaze of a Occupational Therapist. We can't however make them view or purchase that offer, that's up to you and your product or service!

We therefore provide an excellent platform to use to gauge interest in a product or service development. This might be to look at different approaches to different countries or to trial different messages to see what works best for your product or service.

Pricing - from £125 plus applicable taxes

  1. Pricing is kept affordable and simple. It costs £25 per 1,000 emails we send with a minimum send to 5,000 recipients

  2. We also have a special eShot299 service. For £299 (plus applicable taxes) we will send your email to our entire database (25K +)

        **We suggest 3 repeat mailings to maximize the result of any campaign.

**Why three? Because often the first read of any direct marketing is informational. i.e. It creates brand awareness (people don't necessarily act). The second reminds them to act if they were considering doing so. Hence they put it in the 'to-do' pile. The third contact usually prompts all those who would act to do so. Thus advertisers and marketing professionals see the value in 3-4 repeated attempts to the same group to maximise the result. A one-off contact might create some awareness but might not provide any action as a result. Consider this in your marketing plan for best results.

What we need from you?
  1. Your email ad in html format ready to go. Any images appearing in your html ad should be fully reference and hosted on your own platforms. We do not provide an image hosting service.
  2. A second copy of your ad in plain text format (for people whose email browsers can't read html). i.e. the ad saved as a notepad (.txt) file.
  3. Payment upfront before we send anything out. This can be completed in a secure environment via our physio shop platform.
  4. You can find more information on the dimensions and the HTML layout considerations here: HTML Tips

*Note: the combined size of the text and html email files can not exceed 50k

What we'll do

  1. Set it all up
  2. Send it
  3. Report back on the success after a few weeks (delivery rates, opening rates, click-throughs etc)

So that's it. Simple huh! eMarketing is a great, affordable way to promote or test the interest in your product, job, course or service today. We do vet all ad's before sending to ensure that it is something we feel we are able to present to our membership so cannot guarantee we can accept all marketing iniatives.

Other Marketing Opportunities

Banner Advertising in our weekly eJobs OR our eCourses email newsletters

New to our range of marketing opportunities is simple banner advertising on our weekly eJobs newsletter. The eJobs and eCourses newsletters are sent on a weekly basis (jobs on a Monday and Courses on a Thursday) to our entire database of users. This is stands at over 32,000 email addresses.

See an example of the layout of the ejobs newsletter here: http://www.speech-bob.com/ejobs.aspx

Banner Advertising Pricing: £125 per week with no minimum contract. We also offer a pay for 3 weeks and get a fourth free.

Banner Sizes: Width 180pixels x Height (up to 200 pixels). Images should be provided in .gif or .jpg format. No animation is permitted.

eMarketing Tips

If you’re using email to communicate with current or prospective customers it's important that you apply best practice to achieve the highest response rates possible, whilst retaining valuable contacts.

1. How To Measure Success

Ensure you outline what your key performance indicators (KPIs) are going to be and bench mark each campaign against them. KPIs could include:

    * Open rate
    * Click-through rate
    * Click to open rate (number of unique clicks/number of unique opens)
    * Bounce rate
    * Delivery rate (emails sent, measured against bounces)
    * Unsubscribe rate
    * Referral rate ('send-to-a-friend')
    * Number, or proportion of, spam complaints

2. Personalise Where Possible

Improve response rates by personalising the email content.  The more you know about your customers such as their topics of interest, their industry or company size the easier this will be.

3. Use Clear Calls To Action

Ensure the content is clear, consistent and communicates a clear call to action.

4. Experiment With Subject Lines

Keep subject lines short and to the point and try to refrain from using words which will be 'junked' by spam filters.  A/B test alternatives to find out what most appeals to your audiences.

5. Test With All Email Clients

Email ProvidersTest your email content with all the top email clients and providers (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc) to ensure it can be seen by the majority of users.

6. Test To Improve Performance

Continuous A/B testing of templates, subject lines, topics and sending day & times can help to optimise open and conversion rates.

7. Images & Alt Tags

Avoid putting text within an image. Most email clients don’t automatically download images, therefore image content is not viewable on first sight. If you have to use text within images, ensure you use an ‘Alt’ tag reiterating the text within the graphic.

8. Avoid Spamming

Try not to send too many emails to your audience unless you know they want to receive them.  If you make the mistake of sending daily / weekly emails to your database you may find out that consumers quickly opt out.

9. Keep It Relevant

Marketing CompaniesConsumers like to receive messages that are relevant to them. Don’t try and sell them something they did not sign up for.

10. Promote Key Content At The Top

Make sure you communicate key messages at the top of your email content. Many email clients don’t automatically display all email content therefore the top content needs to be motivating enough to encourage consumers to scroll down.

Use the contact us section should you wish to find our more or make a booking




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